As standard we offer dog walking and boarding services for dogs. We invite your dog/s to stay with us, as part of our family in our own home meaning they can have their own bed, food and toys and enjoy all the comforts of a home whilst you are away. Pet visits are also available and will include things like; letting your dog out, feeding and much more. We tailor the service specifically to you and your pet’s requirements.


We offer a home boarding service which will give you peace of mind that your dogs will be getting the love and affection they deserve, in a family environment, whilst you are away. There are no kennels and cages involved, they will join us as part of our family and will be afforded all the loving care, attention and exercise that your dogs requires according to your instructions.

Home boarding is charged at £18.00 per night, with a 50% discount offered for an additional dog from the same household.

Give your Birmingham pup playfulness and new energy with frequent dog walks.

Dog walking in Manchester

Manchester and its surrounding areas have a great selection of parks and open spaces to walk your four legged friends. We are very flexible at Playful Pups, and the team can provide either a daily or occasional dog walking service for an hour or 30 minutes on an individual basis, or in a group, depending on your preference and the needs of your dog. Discounts are also available for walking a second dog from the same household.

All dogs enjoy a long walk and exploring with their noses, therefore each walk will be carefully selected to ensure that your dog receives the mental stimulation they require. This will range from a good chase about playing with balls and Frisbees, to exploring the beautiful countryside and woodland areas such as Worsley Woods. With the 7.2 mile Worsley loop line on our doorstep, we are literally spoilt for choice!

We can also provide walks in a location of your choice, which is familiar to you and your dog if this is preferred. Dogs can be walked on or off the lead depending on your preference, and the dog’s ability to demonstrate a solid recall.

Initial dog walking consultations will be held with you at your home, so that a behavioural assessment can be carried out by the walker. We will then take your dog on a short walk together so that the walker can assess your dog’s personality and recall ability.

Pet Visits

Pet visits are ideal for letting dogs out to the toilet, and were created with puppies and senior dogs in mind, as they may be unable to hold themselves for long periods of time. They're also great for providing a break in the amount of time your pet(s) would otherwise be left unattended while you are out at work, and for providing them with the company and socialisation they crave. Many dogs can develop behavioural problems such as chewing, digging and barking when left alone. These behaviours are normally the result of boredom or insufficient exercise.

If the visit is to a puppy, then they will be afforded with lots of play time! Playing and interacting with your puppy will help with socialisation, to assist them for when they are ready to take their first steps into the big wide world! During the visit, basic dog training techniques will be incorporated so that your puppy will learn good manners, and adapt to household life quickly.

Give your Birmingham pup playfulness and new energy with frequent dog walks.
Our goal is to make your Birmingham dog happy and healthy.

Collection Services

A free of charge collection service is available as long as you live within 2 miles of the walker's home address. If you live outside of this, there will be a charge of 50p per mile each way.

A taxi service is available for £8 per 30 minutes plus nominal 50p per mile.


Each of the dog walking and pet visits services are tailored to our customer’s individual needs. Standard service charges are listed below, however if these services don't quite fit your requirements, please contact the team so we can discuss any special requests.

Initial Set-up Visit - We come out to meet you and your pets, become familiar with your house, pick up keys and complete all necessary paperwork, this is FREE of charge. Please note a discount is available if two dogs are walked from the same household.

*Please note these prices are for Monday-Saturday 08:00am- 17:00pm only. Sundays, Bank holidays and night walks/visits can be arranged at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

    • Time
    • Price
    • Additional Dog from Household
    • Solo Walk
    • 1 Hr
    • £12
    • £6
    • 30 Mins
    • £8
    • £4
    • Group Walk
    • 1 Hr
    • £10
    • £5
    • Home Pet Visits
    • Time
    • Price
    • Two 30 min visits in the same day
    • Dogs and small pets
    • 30 mins
    • £8
    • £14

Block booking discounts are also available on home visits

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